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Why would you want to take a quick weight loss diet supplement? Most diets require you to eat less and exercise more often. Ask your doctor, I bet he will say the same thing! But, this is too simplistic. To lose weight and take off the fat permanently, you have to have a better understanding of what works and why.

As you have probably already learned, the human body is talented at maintaining body fat. As you go into the “starvation” mode, a number of negative things start to occur:

  • When you eat less, your body will hold on to the body fat because it believes that you are not feeding it properly. Our human bodies are programmed to hold on to body fat as a reserve during periods of low calorie intake.
  • Initially, you will lose a lot of water, and worst yet, a lot of lean muscle tissue. And, that’s a mistake. Lean muscle tissue gives your body shape and tone, and it helps to burn fat. Lean muscle tissue is a part of your body and it needs nourishment, so if you can maintain it, it will help burn the fat.
  • Last of all, you are likely to gain back all of the weight that you lost, and maybe even more. As your body adjusts to the lower calorie intake, it will start to store more fat. And, due to the loss of the lean muscle tissue, it will be able to store more fat. That’s the problem with “yo-yo” (repeated diets) dieting. These repeated diets damage your metabolism and lead to more fat storage.

This is why most dieters fail. You can cut all the calories you want from your daily meals and you can run exercise all you want. But, when you go into these “starvation” modes, your body will eventually adjust to it and refuse to give up another pound of weight. That is why quick weight loss diet supplements have value.

Good diet supplements will help adjust your metabolism so that your body will continue to lose weight. Good supplements prevent the loss of lean muscle tissue and that helps you lose even greater weight. A good supplement will help flush harmful toxins from your body, lower your cholesterol, help control blood pressure, and improve your body’s immune system functions. They will also reduce your urge to eat and improve your mental functions.

There are many diet supplements on the market, so be careful! Many of these are a waste of your money. One diet supplement that I have used and have found to be great is Herbalife Toatal Control. Herbalife has been a world leader in weight loss since 1980. Their supplements use all natural ingredients and their products are created by award winning scientists and nutritionists including Dr. Louis Ignarro – a Nobel Prize winner.

So, that is why you would want to take a diet supplement. If you are on a diet, or, if you are about to start a diet, seriously consider a diet supplement. These supplements can help make your quick weight loss diet a success.


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